2022 March 17th

Rise of the Restaurant: Dining OUT is back IN (thanks to gift cards) – By Alethea Price, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Burgopak | The Swiss Gift Card Market – small but very effective – here’s why! – By Dominik Megert of Offerz | The Greatest Challenge of the Post-Pandemic Employer – By Tomás Passerieu, Business Developer Manager, Oh! Gift Card | Profit from the Seven Zones of Loyalty Program Performance – By Adam Posner – The Point of Loyalty | The Healthy Food Gift Card: Giving everyone the opportunity to eat well – By Maurizio Tessarotto of Generali | How our industry can save the world: Part Nine – What some Brands are doing in Partnership with their Customers to Battle Climate Change – By Nicolas Garrelly, Sustainability Manager at tcc
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