CEO Soap Box Guidelines and Terms

The Gift Club is a digital meeting place, forum and e-newsletter for the gift cards, incentives, rewards, loyalty and engagement community to share articles, news, research, and insights.

The CEO Soap Box is the name we have given to a paid feature in the news page. It is a short video interview of a top leader in your business. Topics can include anything that matters to them from the promotion of a new solution or product to thought leadership on remote working to climate change!

The interview is captured on video conference, hosted by & presented by the Founder of The Gift Club, Hadie Perkas. Once edited, it is then featured in the news page and the weekly e-newsletter where over 6000 subscribers (and growing) can view it.

Because we are very mindful of keeping our content fresh, we change the CEO Soap Box seat every week and only permit companies to occupy the seat once a month.

To occupy the CEO Soap Box seat for one week, it is £750 + VAT per interview.

Recommended Tips:

  • The leader that you choose to appear in the Soap Box needs to be happy with being video recorded and their video shared on our website and across all our social media channels. They will need to sign a statement to agree to this.
  • They need to be able to articulate the topic well and with confidence
  • First Impressions count. Like any written piece, people decide within seconds whether to continue reading or listening to something. A smile goes a long way and an upbeat mindset will engage viewers quickly.
  • Content can be any topic that matters to them. We do advise that what they say is useful, important and most importantly, relevant. Does what they are saying offer value in the form of information, best practices, tips, advice, analysis or good thought leadership?
  • The laptop or desktop computer they are using needs to have a good camera (and microphone if possible). Please ask The Gift Club for more advice on this. • The leader needs to be in a quiet place, where they will not be disturbed and preferably with good lighting.
  • A short introductory meeting will take place between The Gift Club and the leader one week before the recording. This is to get to know each other and decide on topics. The one that they are most passionate about always wins, hands down. 😊
  • Questions will then be prepared by The Gift Club ( or the leader) prior to the recording and we will always do a rehearsal.
  • Rehearsals and the recording will take place at the same time and it usually takes no more than 45 minutes to an hour.
  • The edited version will be sent to you for approval prior to ‘going live’ on The Gift Club site.

Terms and Conditions

Leaders of a business must work for a company that is relevant to the industry – gift cards, rewards, incentives, employee engagement, loyalty, employee benefits, payments or fintech.

Full payment to run a Soap Box feature must be settled with The Gift Club prior to the first meeting. This can be paid for by bank transfer or BACs. Our fees exclude VAT so an additional 20% will be added.

After viewing the final edit and you decide you would like us to change minor elements of the final edit, The Gift Club will make these changes at no extra cost.

After viewing the final edit and you change your mind about publishing it on our site, no refund will be applicable.

After viewing the final edit and you would like to change major elements such as the entire topic and / or interviewee then The Gift Club will re-charge the full fees again.

The CEO Soap Box seat changes on a weekly basis. You agree to pay for a weekly seat. You can only have one CEO Soap Box seat per month.

The speaking language of the video interview is English.

Although there is no time limit, fully edited interviews will be no longer than 10 minutes to keep listeners and viewers engaged. Longer interviews will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Gift Club reserves the right to edit the video that has been accepted for publication. However, all changes will be sent to you for final approval before being released.

The ownership of the MP4 video recording is with The Gift Club. Should you wish to share the video on your own social media channels or website or to any third parties, you will cite The Gift Club as the creator and editor when sharing the link.

Photo: submission requirements: We welcome photo submissions to accompany video interviews or as standalone submissions.  Photos should be submitted in high resolution JPEG or GIF file by email to

All photos should be given proper accreditation. Please cite the photographer’s name, affiliation and country.

We do not accept any articles or topics that relate to politics, religion, sexual orientation or race.

The Gift Club reserves the right to refuse to edit or upload an interview at any time should it fall outside of these guidelines.

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