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Our brand-new partnership with Sovereign Copy offers you copywriting support for your spotlight features, thought leadership articles, and quarterly social posts.

Olivia Abbott-Hawes of Sovereign Copy writes compelling original copy and insightful SEO-optimised content. Her keen eye for detail means she can also provide expert proofreading and proof-editing services.

➡️ Sovereign Copy is here to help you find the right words for your promotions with The Gift Club.

➡️ Sovereign Copy can also support you with your own marketing campaigns and wider business objectives.

➡️ Focus your time and expertise elsewhere, whilst continuing to get the most out of your Gift Club content opportunities.

➡️ Minimal input needed from you to achieve optimum results.

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What makes Olivia from Sovereign Copy your perfect fit?

I speak your language
I spent the last four years in the gift card and loyalty industry as a Content Marketing Manager. I wrote for every audience going – B2B, B2C, B2B2C, G2C…

I can be an extension of your team
I’ve worked agency-side, I’ve worked client-side. I can fit in with however you work. My background in both Project and Account Management means that I’m no stranger to organisation and structured ways of working. My stakeholder liaison is on point too.

I have more to offer
Proofreading and proof-editing services are available for copy you’ve already written. Don’t risk looking unprofessional by skipping this vital step in your approval process.

“After spending time in the gift card and employee engagement industry, it feels like a natural fit to partner with The Gift Club and provide marketing services to its members.

It is my pleasure to continue writing for brands that are genuinely trying to improve workplace culture.”

– Olivia Abbott-Hawes

Working with Sovereign Copy and The Gift Club is as easy as…

1. Tell us what you need. We’ll ping you over a tailored quote and set a date for a one-off, deep dive session.

2. Our one-hour ‘getting to know your business’ call goes ahead once payment has been recieved. You and I will write our first brief together here.

  • This call represents the introduction to our working relationship and lays the vital groundwork for all future pieces of work I might complete for you. By the end of the call, I will have ‘gotten under the skin of your company and it’s objectives and challenges.
  • We’ll also decide how to communicate. Whilst all official documents will stay on email, I’m pretty partial to an instant message when checking nitty gritty details.

3. Your copy will magically appear in your inbox.

  • Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to share feedback at least once.

Who is Sovereign Copy?

Hi, I’m Olivia. Nice to meet you.

I launched my very own freelance copywriting and proofreading business in February 2022 after putting in 10 years of hard graft across a range of agency and in-house roles.

I started out in Project Management, powered my way through Account Management and even dabbled in some Events Management before landing my first ‘official’ marketing role as Blackhawk Network Europe’s Content Marketing Manager (adept at ‘management’ by this point, clearly!).

After four valuable years and a global pandemic, I decided I needed a new challenge. Sovereign Copy was born.

Why ‘Sovereign’? Well, the dictionary definition for starters… I like to think it sums up my services quite nicely:



  1. Possessing supreme or ultimate power.
  2. Very good or effective.

That, and the fact that I have a bit of a penchant for historical stuff – the word ‘sovereign’ comes up a lot when you spend your weekends exploring medieval castles!

Now that you know a little bit about me, perhaps I can get to know you?

Book your free, 30-minute discovery call with Sovereign Copy

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