Thought Leadership Guest Blog Submission Guidelines and Terms

The Gift Club is a digital meeting place, forum and e-newsletter for the gift cards, incentives, rewards, loyalty and engagement community to share articles, news, research, and insights. Our audience is a mix of decision makers from retail, HR and solution providers.

We welcome thought leadership or blogs from guests. We build on particular themes & topics each month however we are unable to confirm what these are until the week before they are published. We are very happy to accept any submissions and keep them for use at alternative dates to compliment The Gift Club themes. Article Recommendations: The types of articles appropriate for The Gift Club range from short features on specific quality topics, step-by-step how-to’s, practical advice, and case studies (500 and 1000 words), supplemented with real-world experience, analysis or research. Compelling first-person or personal stories and opinion pieces also are welcome. Readers are diverse in industry and experience—but they all have this in common: they are passionate about the marketplace they trade in. Recommended Tips:

  • Readers look for content that is useful, important and most importantly, relevant. Does the article offer value in the form of information, best practices, tips, advice, analysis or resources?
  • First impressions count. People decide within seconds whether to continue reading something. Start your article with an interesting anecdote, statistic or problem statement.
  • Use bullets, lists and short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Include any figures/pictures/images that will enhance your article.
  • Don’t forget to include a conclusion. Wrap up your thoughts, or reiterate the next steps.
  • If the topic is complex, you might want to suggest additional resources or offer a contact for more information at the end.
  • Cite sources and provide references to quotations and facts when used.

Terms and Conditions
Content must be relevant to the industry – gift cards, rewards, incentives, employee engagement, loyalty, employee benefits, payments, fintech, retail tech or HR tech.

All writing formats are accepted. These include blog entries, publication reviews, event announcements, feature stories, news articles, etc. Work must be submitted as an email attachment in a MS Word format – .doc preferably to

If a piece has already been published elsewhere, please resubmit it as a synopsis or a summary of the original document
Authors must provide accurate references for all data and information used. We will not consider submissions that are not properly sourced. Sources should be cited in the article.

The working language of the newsletter is English. Work in other languages will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Although there is no word limit, articles are generally no longer than 700 words. Longer articles will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The editorial board reserves the right to edit work that has been accepted for publication. However, all changes will be sent to the author for final approval before being released.

Photo: submission requirements: We welcome photo submissions to accompany articles or as standalone submissions.  Photos should be submitted in high resolution JPEG or PNG (1200 x 628px) by email to

All photos should be given proper accreditation. Please cite the photographer’s name, affiliation and country. Although we are happy to cite author names on every piece of work, unfortunately, we are unable to accept any article that has promotional value of a business– please see our Solutions and Prices page for more details.

We do not accept any articles that relate to politics, religion, sexual orientation or race.

The Gift Club reserves the right to refuse a submission at any time should it fall outside of these guidelines. However, we are nice people, and will always offer help and advice to avoid this from being the case!

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