Employee Benefits – 10 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Curve

2020 has been a year of seismic shifts in employee welfare, needs and behaviour. Now is the time to check that what you’re offering them still meets their needs.

  1. Flexible Working – give employees control of their own time by offering flexible start and finish times to suit their non-work commitments.
  2. Family First – make sure you promote family wellbeing above all else and give employees the ability to confidently prioritise their loved ones.
  3. Rainy Day Saving – offer employees financial planning advice to help them manage their money and save for their future.
  4. Health insurance – this is an effective way to ensure your employees have access to the healthcare they need to remain in work.
  5. Living Expenses – do your benefits include food, childcare and transport? Effectively supporting employees in these areas can be a really impactful way of helping them balance work and life responsibilities.
  6. The Key to Happiness – make sure your culture promotes happiness with a focus on pleasure, passion and purpose.
  7. Unlimited Holidays – this is all about rewarding results by giving employees the ability to take time off when they’ve delivered what’s expected of them. GE, Virgin and Netflix are already doing this to much success.
  8. Incentivise Preventative Healthcare – the cold and flu season costs the economy billions every year. By rewarding employees for taking measures to protect themselves, you can avoid the toll of winter absenteeism.
  9. Encourage Good Mental Health – the World Health Organization shows that 300 million people worldwide suffer from low mood, and employers who take this seriously can really help their employees. Whether it’s counselling, yoga or mindfulness, you can give staff what they need to stay on top of their symptoms.
  10. Invest in Physical Health – the Great Tesco Walk involving thousands of Tesco employees is a great example of making employee benefits engaging and wide-reaching. By creating a common goal, employees get fit and active together.