Reward the World™ reflects on The Big Handshake

The Big Handshake was a great success and Reward the World™ is so delighted to have hosted the panel session that discussed “Gift Card, Payment and Loyalty Fraud”.  

Denis Huré, CEO, Reward the World™ commented: “Fraud within the loyalty sector is an issue that companies must address. It is recognised that most fraud attempts are coming from account take-overs; therefore, loyalty accounts should be protected to the same degree of security as bank accounts. To that effect, the Reward the World™ digital rewards platform has provided one of the most efficient bank-graded anti-fraud solutions (used by most top banks around the world) with its service since 2016. This solution has protected our clients and their customers from the perils of fraud – but it is still a challenge for a lot of companies within the industry.”

About Reward the World™

Reward the World™ is a world-leading, digital rewards solutions provider with a highly versatile rewards platform offering millions of digital entertainment choices available instantly, 24/7 and worldwide at the click of a button. Helping brands, businesses & institutions everywhere to increase sales or purely reward customer, partner, member, donor & employee behaviour. The highly cost-effective digital rewards platform readily integrates with clients’ sales and marketing systems, to deliver instant rewards on a local or global basis, providing true insights while rewarding behaviour.