The Gift Club’s First Thought Leadership Competition for 2021

Thought Leadership competition on gift cards, rewards and incentives

We’re looking for competition lovers, writers and thought leaders again.

Who fancies some free PR and wants to take part in a competition with The Gift Club?

Can you produce a 500 word thought leadership article or blog / Infographic to share with our audience? One that has real meaning that others can draw learnings from?

The work needs to come from an individual without the help of a marketing team and the most relevant, thought provoking piece for each of the below headlines will win:

• A place in one of our newsletters during the month of April
• A place on our main news page through April
• A social media post across all channels
• Your name in lights!

So we are looking for 3 lucky winners in total

These are the topics and headlines:

’Digital restauranting’ – what can our eating establishments do to win back their lost but loyal customers?

What are the best rewards for a sales workforce in 2021 – cash vs experience vs gifts?

Is the ‘experience’ of unwrapping a gift card REALLY that important?

Implementing a successful points -based loyalty program – what are the fundamentals brands should know about?

Send your fabulous pieces of work by Thursday 18th March to Winners will be announced on the Monday 22nd March.