UK based Actions Solutions has developed The Wellness Card, to support businesses with a product that on one gift card, allows them to offer employees a range of wellness solutions

The wellness of employees is fundamentally important for responsible and progressive companies. (CIPD/1) The pandemic that we are currently living through has highlighted this point in the extreme. People are anxious, nervous, concerned and stressed. The responsible employer realises that caring for its employees is more important today that it has ever been in the past.

Founder of Action Solutions, Katrina Dunne has had a personal career in People Management/H.R over the last two decades has led her to develop The Wellness Card, to support businesses with a product that on one gift card, allows them to offer their employees a range of wellness solutions.

Combining her experience in HR alongside her husband’s experience (Brian Dunne) in gift cards, the market now has a developing product, that will offer a range of activities that support employee mental and physical wellbeing.

The card will include a range of wellness choices such as: complementary and alternative therapies, counselling support, wellness retreats, mindfulness sessions, access to special days out in the countryside, mental health support, Health & Spa days, and onsite and online fitness classes, which will be available U.K. wide. The evidence is clear according to the CIPD (1)

“Employers have a fundamental duty of care for the physical and mental health and well-being of their workers. This is especially critical during a global health emergency, where many employees find themselves working remotely, isolated from friends, family and colleagues for long periods of time, and anxious about their health and well-being”
The latest official data shows that almost 27 million working days were lost to work related ill health in 2017/18, with 1.4 million people suffering from a work-related illness. CIPD research shows that the average level of employee absence is 5.9 days per employee per year. Although this figure has been falling over the last decade, it does, however, mask the fact that most people continue to work when unwell, while many employees even use holiday or sick leave to work”

There are many powerful benefits of a happy and healthy workforce to both the employee and the company, a few of these benefits include:

• Improved productivity
• Decreased absenteeism
• It helps employee recruitment and retention
• Increased morale and team spirit – a happier place to work

Organizations will need to ensure they have a wellness strategy, and Action Solutions wanted to offer a solution that can be included into a wellness strategy.

The employer can give the wellness card to support their employee’s wellness and then the employee can then choose what wellness solution they want to have depending on what they feel is appropriate for them at that time.

An organization can also give the Wellness Card as part of a reward and recognition scheme, or as an incentive. The message the company is giving to that employee is that we are rewarding you for your hard work and dedication, or a job well done with a wellness reward. As the card will have an array of choices it allows the employee to choose the wellness reward they want.

The company knows that they are rewarding their employees with something positive, that will lead to a healthier, happier, and more productive employee.

To learn more contact please contact Katrina Dunne.


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