WiiN Have Launched Their Mentorship Program

WiiN are proud to launch their Mentorship programme last month with a dynamic pool of mentors and an ambitious group of mentees.

They look forward to creating an engaging class of holistic learning, self-discovery, growing, networking and having meaningful conversations with incredibly inspiring ladies.

They’d like to welcome their amazing mentors Barb Hendrickson Lisa Brightwell Jill Goldworn Anne Jetter Julie van de Ven Janneke Kollner Richelle Taylor, PMC

And their enthusiastic mentees Marie Trivino Savannah R. Alyssa Callahan Larisa Smajlagic Prerna Sonawane Andrea Herbener Carias

They’d like to thank all for their dedication, engagement & commitment.

They are also looking forward to a new class in the second half of 2021, launch date will be announced soon!

For more information about their programme email WIIN at membership@wiin.global or download their PDF presentation to get a birds eye view of the mentorship program, mentors and mentees.