This week we talk to Holly, one sixth of the founding team at WIIN


Holly’s bio

Holly Glowaty is the EVP, Head of Merchants for Prizeout, a New York based gift card and adtech company. She is also Co-Founder of Flourish Conference and Media.
Holly has spent over 12 years working with retailers to create profitable partnerships through FinTech, loyalty/rewards and event sponsorships. She is passionate about transforming the utilization of gift cards into “branded currency”. Holly was named one of the 25 Most Influential People in Incentives 2017 by Incentive Magazine, is a founding Chair of FinTEx: FinTech Women, and is co-founder of FinFoundHer: an initiative aimed at helping female-led businesses grow and gain access to funding. Holly is based in the United States of America

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry since 2012

What made you want to co-found WiiN?

I have always found that building a community spurs creativity, encourages collaboration and helps us all move forward with more understanding and better products and strategies.

Tell us about your wish for WiiN?

We have women around the world making incredible impact in incentives. Creating a forum to amplify the work of these women, and support their efforts is something that can only accelerate the innovation process in the industry.

Why should people join WiiN?

The world changed this year. We have to have a more global view of what community is and where our industry can go as a whole!

About WIIN

At WiiN, we are passionate about empowering Women in the incentive and loyalty industry, so much so that we established WiiN, which recently launched and is going strong.

At WiiN we have two distinct membership options. These are: Membership and Associate Membership.

  • The WiiN membership is aimed at the Female C-suite level, Founder, Owner or similar within the Incentive and Loyalty industry. This is where the super experienced industry guru’s are found.
  • The WiiN Associate membership is aimed at those ladies who are steadily building their careers within the industry and are passionate about wanting to learn and grow as much as possible. These Associate Members will already have notched up some significant experience and will benefit enormously by joining WiiN.

Members who become a WiiN member in 2020 pay 199€/225$ until the end of 2021, and so benefit from a few free months.

Apply for membership at: