Boost your CSR efforts using Ncentiva’s Trade In Solution

By Ncentiva

Holidays and special occasions such as birthdays are always a catalyst for handheld and wearable devices to be replaced. Christmas in particular generates thousands upon thousands of excess gadgets, with so many still in relatively good working order. At Ncentiva, our mission is to provide a second home to those obsolete devices – and we pay a fair price for them to come to us.

6 in 10 households were hoping that Santa would bring them a new device for Christmas 2022, with phones and tablets topping the most wanted list. That’s a lot of old handsets that are probably now sitting in the ‘drawer of doom’, so our message is this: sign your business up to Ncentiva today!

Trading old devices in exchange for gift cards is the heart of our business. We refurbish every phone, tablet, smart watch, or laptop so that it stays out of landfill and brings more joy to its next owner. With sustainability now such a key concern across the globe, it’s of vital importance that these old-but-not-defunct devices are given a second chance.

How does Ncentiva Trade In work?

The process is simple. The device owner completes our short questionnaire that helps us to determine the value of the item they no longer want. We make an offer that the owner chooses to accept or decline. Assuming they accept, we send out all the equipment they need to safely transport the item to our warehouses.

Once received, we send an eCode to the (now ex-) owner who redeems that value against the digital gift card of their choice on our website. Our gift card mall features hundreds of brands, some of which allow the customer to gain up to 20% more than their trade in value.

We are able to accept and refurbish devices that are up to three years old. The price offered is generally based on the age, condition, and brand of the gadget – Apple devices tend to hold a higher perceived value in the resale market, so therefore our offer is likely to be higher too.

Once refurbed, we’re able to give each device a second home via eCommerce channels or wholesale deals. Many of our wholesale arrangements see shipments going to countries such as Africa, where citizens cannot traditionally afford brand-new devices.

<H2>How can you get involved?<H2>

We operate via a white label B2B solution that allows businesses to run employee and/or customer programs. Running a program means that you’re giving your employees/customers a valid, planet-friendly way to discard their old tech, and make some money in the process – pretty handy when there’s a global economic crisis afoot.

The business advantage of doing this is to earn a passive revenue stream from the value of all devices traded in. Alternatively, you can choose to send that kick back to a charity of your choice and boost your CSR efforts at no extra cost to you.

We can also support charities to run the trade in program themselves by providing a bespoke landing page that is shared to their donor audience.

Are you a gift card provider?

We’re always looking for new digital gift cards to add to our mall. If we don’t currently work with you, then let’s connect!

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