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Make this festive season your greenest one yet with Ecologi’s climate friendly gifts💚

There is a gap in the market for sustainable gifting. More specifically, for sustainable corporate gifting, which proves to be a powerful tool in marketing communications. Choosing a gift that not only keeps the climate in mind but is focused on tackling the current climate crisis isn’t easy but our friends over at Ecologi can help. They have the perfect green gift for you this year. Their tree planting gifts really are the gifts that keep on giving.

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Giving Magic to our Customers at Christmas

2022 has been a spectacular year for Prezzee. We’ve grown to a global workforce of nearly 300 passionate team members and have seen strong YoY growth with hundreds of new customers jumping on board with Prezzee. Throughout November and December this year, NYC’s Times Square will be lit up with our “Give Magic” Christmas campaign, and a fleet of London’s iconic black cabs are now sporting our signature red - to name a few of the exciting things that are to come.

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Offerz Brings New B2B Rewards Platform to DACH Market

On 24th October, we proudly launched our B2B white-label platform, suitable for both customer and employee reward schemes. End-users are sent a unique code that is swapped for an eGift of their choice from our catalogue of over 80 popular brands. Payment is only taken for eGifts that have actually been redeemed. We are pleased to have welcomed our first client on board, and to be in conversations with multiple others who are already using our standard Offerz proposition. By switching over to the new platform, these users will enjoy a more automated rewards experience.

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CEO Soapbox: An Interview with Julie Barbier-Leblan, CEO of Merit Incentives, Dubai

In this next episode of our CEO Soap Box collection, our Founder, Hadie, speaks with Julie Barbier-Leblan, CEO of Merit Incentives based in Dubai. Merit is a global engagement technology company offering innovative products leveraged by a global merchant network.

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TheFork keeps evolving in the restaurant industry after 15 years of amazing dining experiences

When did it all start TheFork has revolutionised the market suggesting a new and unique model in Europe by providing the first online booking diary. With this digital solution, TheFork disrupted the market and eased the research of restaurants, and the bookings and benefiting from the personal recommendations thanks to the grading and reviews of the users. On the restoration side, TheFork has simplified the management of the operations for the restaurant managers by allowing them to focus on the heart of their activity, their cuisine and their clients.

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A forecast for the future of card manufacturing

Whilst physical production is most definitely not dead, I will admit that things are changing in the world of card manufacturing. If we want to continue to grow and prosper then we need to adapt to the needs of the current market, whilst also predicting what the future will look like. There was already a marked trend towards exploring eco-friendly, recyclable solutions. And yes, it took some time, but we’ve witnessed a huge changeover from plastic to paperboard this year. Now that it’s a little more mainstream and can in some cases be more cost-effective to produce paperboards, hundreds of retailers will likely convert their gift card solution to follow this sustainable approach.

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Your Guide to Corporate Gifting for Christmas 2022

How you execute your corporate gifting strategy within your business is one of the keys to unlocking more potential from your clients and employees, simply through building better and stronger relationships with them. Harvard Business Review defines gift giving as all about showing appreciation, we give people gifts to show them that we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives. To leave a lasting impression and build a bond with your recipient, use corporate gifting for Christmas. As you may know, giving gifts is a lovely and thoughtful gesture to help retain your colleagues and business partners, whilst also supporting the attraction of new ones, especially when your gifts are personalised.

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Improve engagement and loyalty with B4B prepaid cards

The Big Handshake was a great success and Reward the World™ is so delighted to have hosted the panel session that discussed “Gift Card, Payment and Loyalty Fraud”.   Denis Huré, CEO, Reward the World™ commented: “Fraud within the loyalty sector is an issue that companies must address. It is recognised that most fraud attempts are coming from account take-overs; therefore, loyalty accounts should be protected to the same degree of security as bank accounts. To that effect, the Reward the World™ digital rewards platform has provided one of the most efficient bank-graded anti-fraud solutions (used by most top banks around the world) with its service since 2016. This solution has protected our clients and their customers from the perils of fraud – but it is still a challenge for a lot of companies within the industry.”

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The Value In Multi-Choice Gift Cards: A gift for the customer, the retailer & the distributor

There's a perception that gift cards are impersonal; a quick, easy-to-grab option with not much thought, but at The Card Network (TCN), we challenge this idea and instead see an opportunity to give something that is bigger, something that everyone actually wants: the freedom to choose. Research from Harvard indicates that happier people give more, that giving causes increased happiness and that in a lot of cases, it is often the giver rather than the receiver who reaps the biggest psychological gain from a gift. As many of us are navigating a new kind of normal after Covid-19, connecting with others is more important than ever – a simple “I'm thinking of you” can go a really long way.

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The Charity Shop Gift Card – The Perfect Incentive for Gen Z

Generation Z hasn’t really known life without fast fashion but numerous surveys and research has found that most young consumers increasingly care about sustainability.  Our own research conducted by Sophie Williams, a Nottingham University student undertaking an internship with The Charity Shop Gift Card, showed that over 70% of students were actively reducing the items of fast fashion purchased in favour of more sustainable items.  This is supported by research by Vogue Business which found that “the pandemic has made 6 in 10 Gen Z more conscious about the fashion items they buy.”  Unidays, a leading student website, also found that 39% would buy pre-loved because it is more sustainable.

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