Make this festive season your greenest one yet with Ecologi’s climate friendly gifts💚

There is a gap in the market for sustainable gifting. More specifically, for sustainable corporate gifting, which proves to be a powerful tool in marketing communications. Choosing a gift that not only keeps the climate in mind but is focused on tackling the current climate crisis isn’t easy but our friends over at Ecologi can help. They have the perfect green gift for you this year. Their tree planting gifts really are the gifts that keep on giving.

You can give someone their own mini woodland! These trees will help restore biodiversity and cool our planet. All gifts support tree-planting in certified reforestation sites around the world. Your recipient will receive an interactive profile to view their very own virtual forest, bringing their impact to life!

Tree-planting gifts are affordable, zero waste and climate positive. Treet mother nature this Christmas with Ecologi!🌲