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Make this festive season your greenest one yet with Ecologi’s climate friendly gifts💚

There is a gap in the market for sustainable gifting. More specifically, for sustainable corporate gifting, which proves to be a powerful tool in marketing communications. Choosing a gift that not only keeps the climate in mind but is focused on tackling the current climate crisis isn’t easy but our friends over at Ecologi can help. They have the perfect green gift for you this year. Their tree planting gifts really are the gifts that keep on giving.

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Giving Magic to our Customers at Christmas

2022 has been a spectacular year for Prezzee. We’ve grown to a global workforce of nearly 300 passionate team members and have seen strong YoY growth with hundreds of new customers jumping on board with Prezzee. Throughout November and December this year, NYC’s Times Square will be lit up with our “Give Magic” Christmas campaign, and a fleet of London’s iconic black cabs are now sporting our signature red - to name a few of the exciting things that are to come.

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Evolution of the template: How AI writing technology can take the tedium out of HR tasks

In 2021, natural language processing (NLP) artificial intelligence (AI) burst onto the digital marketing technology scene helping marketers and entrepreneurs spin up blog articles in seconds. Yes, AI can now take on the tedious task of writing long form articles for you. The challenge of content marketing was low hanging fruit for this type of AI writing technology. Many copywriting apps have found a place helping marketing teams of large and small companies write product descriptions, SEO meta descriptions, blog Ideas, titles and even full articles.

Offerz Brings New B2B Rewards Platform to DACH Market

On 24th October, we proudly launched our B2B white-label platform, suitable for both customer and employee reward schemes. End-users are sent a unique code that is swapped for an eGift of their choice from our catalogue of over 80 popular brands. Payment is only taken for eGifts that have actually been redeemed. We are pleased to have welcomed our first client on board, and to be in conversations with multiple others who are already using our standard Offerz proposition. By switching over to the new platform, these users will enjoy a more automated rewards experience.

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CEO Soapbox: An Interview with Julie Barbier-Leblan, CEO of Merit Incentives, Dubai

In this next episode of our CEO Soap Box collection, our Founder, Hadie, speaks with Julie Barbier-Leblan, CEO of Merit Incentives based in Dubai. Merit is a global engagement technology company offering innovative products leveraged by a global merchant network.

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Hiring Your Tech Team in a Skills Short Market – 4 tips for success

Data across a range of sectors shows that employers are currently hiring in candidate short markets, and this could not be more true of the tech world. Remote working has made the tech job market more competitive, whilst rising salaries is also creating somewhat of a bidding war between employers.

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Welcome to the GoGift Vibe

If you asked us to describe GoGift in two words, we’d probably go with “Global Gifting.” We love everything that has to do with gifting, and we’re even more obsessed with making a global impact when it comes to gifting and the environment – a little effort that makes for a memorable moment across borders. But putting aside our stance as gifting aficionados and worldly enthusiasts, GoGift is much more than gift cards and incentives. A unique culture binds us GoGifters, not just geographically, but within our location and work environment. If you didn’t already know about our space and surroundings, we have fun facts to share about GoGift’s everyday life.

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New Webinar – Looking at Innovations in Employee Rewards and Recognition A Year Ahead by The Gift Club and Virgin Incentives

At a time when the economic landscape is tough, businesses may be considering new ways to engage their workforce and support them further. Creating a happy workplace environment is a crucial step to help businesses retain and attract top talent. Employees that feel a high level of job satisfaction, for reasons such as their values align with their employers, and they feel respected and rewarded are more likely to act as brand champions and openly embrace the business culture.

How to drive customer acquisition in the cost-of-living crisis

If 2022 will be remembered as the year of the cost-of-living crisis, 2023 will be the year when its impact is felt most keenly. Behind a headline rate of inflation – stubbornly stuck at around 10% since April - are formidable increases in petrol, gas, electricity rent and, of course, utilities. Today, it costs twice as much to put the heating on and 60% more to boil a kettle as it did a year ago. Add to that potential increases and rising housing costs and the pool of disposable income is fast evaporating. For marketers tasked with acquiring new customers, the squeeze on consumer finances at a time of suppressed wage growth will make a challenging job even tougher in the year ahead.

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CEO Soapbox: An Interview with Managing Director of Catalina UK, Premal Patel

Our Founder, Hadie, meets VP and Managing Director of Catalina UK, Premal Patel in this casual chat about shopper behaviour and how savvy customers are challenging the value of loyalty. "Loyalty has been around for over 100 years but it is now about the faster pace of delivering loyalty and rewards . When a customer doesn't have to do much and gets a reward, thats the ultimate ambition."

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