Hiring Your Tech Team in a Skills Short Market – 4 tips for success

Data across a range of sectors shows that employers are currently hiring in candidate short markets, and this could not be more true of the tech world. Remote working has made the tech job market more competitive, whilst rising salaries is also creating somewhat of a bidding war between employers.

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Interviewing! The good, the bad and the downright ugly – Part Two

In Part 1 of this article, I talk about the psychology of interviewing? I talk about preparation, an approach to questioning and the need to change the method of interviewing in order to increase the positivity of the experience for both the candidate and interviewer alike. Why? Because a bad experience will not be confined to the interview room, but on the flip side, neither will a positive one.

Managing Candidates

So why is the candidate experience so important and how do you achieve it? There are a variety of elements which contribute to a good experience, but I hope these suggestions will make it great! Your influence over the candidate journey starts with the selection process, whether you are using a recruiter or sifting candidates from an advertisement. Have a clear vision of your expectations of what you’re looking for, not just from a skills perspective, but the person overall. Once you have assessed the skills, check out any information which may be provided which outlines any personal achievements or interests which will help the steer. What you are trying to achieve is to reduce the number of candidates until you have your top 3 or 4 max. There really is no point in interviewing more than this for any given role, because the process will quickly become unmanageable (I will explain why later). You have to be decisive and choose the eventual new hire from this group. If the sifting and selection process is right, this should be the successful outcome every time.

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Creating A Positive Onboarding Employee Experience – 5 Tips

Onboarding new people into a business has always been a key talking point for hiring managers, business owners or HR professionals with the conversation focused on how you create the best experience. The last 2 years have meant a shift in how onboarding is conducted, moving away from your conventional boardroom style set up, to teams/zoom calls with people dotted all around the country or even the world. This in itself has presented issues and a disconnect between new starters and their new teams.

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Interviewing! The good, the bad and the downright ugly – Part One

It’s the perfect occasion to recognise and reward people with extraordinary gifts, to ensure your employees and customers feel genuinely valued through unforgettable and unbeatable experiences and days out. Experiences are memorable, personal, and great for sharing with family and friends. They’re easy to gift and easy to use, with plenty of different gifting options like vouchers, gift cards, instant e-codes, collections vouchers, and they’re simple to redeem too.

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