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The Quitting Game!

Well, here we go!  2023 is upon us and if the reports are to be believed (even one of my own articles) a recession is upon us.  So, buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! There is so much advice as to how to prepare, what you need to put in place, what constitutes robust future planning, but have you heeded the advice or has the run up to this moment and the challenges involved left little time to think about next quarter let alone the whole year and beyond?

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The REAL cost of Recruitment Webinar

“Our employee benefits insight shows that almost two-thirds of employees say they would be likely to leave their job for more lucrative opportunities as a direct consequence of the cost-of-living crisis. A sobering statistic for business leaders across all sizes of company, a tangible cost and a recognised business risk. Employers need to offer the right range of financial wellbeing benefits to staff to support retention and recruitment of talent.”

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5 Reasons Points Work Better Than Cash for B2B Customer Rewards

By now, it’s no secret that customers like to be rewarded for their loyalty. In varying forms, this cycle has underpinned the B2C world for centuries – and, more recently, has proven itself to be one of the most transformative strategies for B2B companies too.

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Founders and CEOs podcast: Their Why, Their Will, Their Way

Listen in: An 18 minute dialogue with Simon about his rise to leadership and the traits that set him on the right road to success. We start by walking through his modest but happy council estate childhood, watching his parents work super hard every day to give him and his family as much as they could including memorable camp-side holidays in Inverness.

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Want an increase in your sales revenue? Appreciate the difference between your customers’ conscious and nonconscious needs and gift them accordingly

As a chartered psychologist my team and I spend much of our time advising organisations and companies on the psychological reality of their ideas, plans, strategy and values. We help our clients look at things through the workings of the human brain, its emotionally dominant decision-making system and its subservience to unconscious influence (such as bias, ego, and value need fulfilment). Gifting is one area that we have become increasingly involved with. 

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Proud to partner with GCVA Global Conference ’23. March 1 & 2

GCVA Global Conference 2023… as gift cards go way beyond just gifting! The highlight of the gift card industry calendar March 1 & 2, ’23. We are delighted to partner with the Gift Card & Voucher Association for the GCVA Global Conference ’23! THE GIFT CARD FLAGSHIP industry event of the year is back. Get ready to be immersed in the gift card eco-system, with inspirational speakers, hot topics, a buzzing exhibitor hall, the best networking opportunities, an opening night party and much more…

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Hiring Your Tech Team in a Skills Short Market – 4 tips for success

Data across a range of sectors shows that employers are currently hiring in candidate short markets, and this could not be more true of the tech world. Remote working has made the tech job market more competitive, whilst rising salaries is also creating somewhat of a bidding war between employers.

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Welcome to the GoGift Vibe

If you asked us to describe GoGift in two words, we’d probably go with “Global Gifting.” We love everything that has to do with gifting, and we’re even more obsessed with making a global impact when it comes to gifting and the environment – a little effort that makes for a memorable moment across borders. But putting aside our stance as gifting aficionados and worldly enthusiasts, GoGift is much more than gift cards and incentives. A unique culture binds us GoGifters, not just geographically, but within our location and work environment. If you didn’t already know about our space and surroundings, we have fun facts to share about GoGift’s everyday life.

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New Webinar – Looking at Innovations in Employee Rewards and Recognition A Year Ahead by The Gift Club and Virgin Incentives

At a time when the economic landscape is tough, businesses may be considering new ways to engage their workforce and support them further. Creating a happy workplace environment is a crucial step to help businesses retain and attract top talent. Employees that feel a high level of job satisfaction, for reasons such as their values align with their employers, and they feel respected and rewarded are more likely to act as brand champions and openly embrace the business culture.

How to drive customer acquisition in the cost-of-living crisis

If 2022 will be remembered as the year of the cost-of-living crisis, 2023 will be the year when its impact is felt most keenly. Behind a headline rate of inflation – stubbornly stuck at around 10% since April - are formidable increases in petrol, gas, electricity rent and, of course, utilities. Today, it costs twice as much to put the heating on and 60% more to boil a kettle as it did a year ago. Add to that potential increases and rising housing costs and the pool of disposable income is fast evaporating. For marketers tasked with acquiring new customers, the squeeze on consumer finances at a time of suppressed wage growth will make a challenging job even tougher in the year ahead.

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