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Home Chef Celebrates 10th Birthday with All-Time ‘Greatest Hits’ Menu, Free Gifts, and New Survey Around Eating and Cooking Across the U.S.

Home Chef Celebrates 10th Birthday with All-Time 'Greatest Hits' Menu, Free Gifts, and New Survey Around Eating and Cooking Across the U.S.

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FEST and their Loyalty Program – ‘LOKAL’ – Providing humanitarian support through customer loyalty

By Alexander Kubicki, Head of Marketing and International Sales, Sparta Loyalty

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Unlock the Secrets of a Successful Loyalty Program: The Top 10 Trends for 2023

Keeping up with industry trends and understanding the underlying statistics is essential to stay competitive and create a memorable experience for your customers. That's why we at Reward the World™ have put together a comprehensive guide on the Top 10 trends in the loyalty industry for 2023.

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Loyalty Programmes: Nurtured, Engineered, or Both?

This article explores the concept of whether loyalty can be (should be?) nurtured or engineered, or a mix of the two. Industry experts weigh in on the question, and we look at the different methods of creating a successful programme. Picture the scene – Our founder, Hadie and her family are off to New York on their jollies. They’ve got free plane tickets thanks to their long-standing loyalty to their credit card company.

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Who is interested in a Joyalty* Program?

*Joyalty A word I found in the book Brand Currency by Steve Susi. I loved it so much (for obvious reasons), I have borrowed it and redefined it to bring new meaning to loyalty programs and to inspire program managers to add a Joyalty* Program to their Loyalty Program! (For those brands who choose not to have a loyalty program, perhaps consider a Joyalty* Program instead).

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Loyalty managers must not forget physical tangible rewards in the rush for emotional engagement

“The most successful reward programmes adopt a hybrid physical/emotional model to build winning customer loyalty.” When it comes to modern loyalty programmes, brands are increasingly turning to soft benefits and engagement as their primary tool to maximise customer value. Brands and retailers are focusing on delivering soft benefits, such as service upgrades, exclusive access to experiences and high-value content to members. This is great news, especially considering that soft benefits often generate a deeper and longer-lasting sense of brand affiliation, compared to customer relationships built on a purely transactional basis.

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Offerz Brings New B2B Rewards Platform to DACH Market

On 24th October, we proudly launched our B2B white-label platform, suitable for both customer and employee reward schemes. End-users are sent a unique code that is swapped for an eGift of their choice from our catalogue of over 80 popular brands. Payment is only taken for eGifts that have actually been redeemed. We are pleased to have welcomed our first client on board, and to be in conversations with multiple others who are already using our standard Offerz proposition. By switching over to the new platform, these users will enjoy a more automated rewards experience.

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