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Offerz Brings New B2B Rewards Platform to DACH Market

On 24th October, we proudly launched our B2B white-label platform, suitable for both customer and employee reward schemes. End-users are sent a unique code that is swapped for an eGift of their choice from our catalogue of over 80 popular brands. Payment is only taken for eGifts that have actually been redeemed. We are pleased to have welcomed our first client on board, and to be in conversations with multiple others who are already using our standard Offerz proposition. By switching over to the new platform, these users will enjoy a more automated rewards experience.

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Loyalty programs – it’s time to eat some humble pie

It seems to me loyalty programs are going through a wave of popularity. In my view (yes confirmation bias exists here), some of the reasons I have been reflecting on, in no particular order are: 1. The ‘crumbling cookie’ and the urgency to gain zero- and first-party data 2. The rising cost of new customer acquisition and a swing towards investing in existing customer retention and growth

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Compare Your Gift Card Program to 50 Other Aussie Retailers’ Programs

For years, Blackhawk Network has worked with NAPCO Research to take a comprehensive view of merchant gift card offerings, looking at both in-store and online experiences. By looking at what other top retailers are doing (and not doing), we help companies like yours see how your gift card program compares, and what you can do to make things better.

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Opti-Channel Marketing; Increasing Success Factors and Maximising Customer Loyalty

Opti-Channel Marketing; Increasing Success Factors and Maximising Customer [...]

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