Humans in the AI Loop

By InspireMe.AI

We’ve all heard about the mysterious algorithms used by the social media platforms that “point a supercomputer at our brain” to keep us scrolling and droning on. This makes AI sound like pretty scary stuff, a black box, but does it have to be?

AI can seem pretty scary until you are given the opportunity to be the person in control of a human-centred AI. If you are a copywriter, recent apps such as GPT3 powered copywriting tools have given you writing superpowers. These tools are powered by an Elon Musk founded company called OpenAI and their state-of-the-art algorithm GPT3. GPT3 is like the “Intel inside” of the natural language writing AI tools in the market today, it is powering almost all of these applications. In 2022, the technology is being advanced by Meta, Google and others. Recently you may have seen AI-generated images circling around LinkedIn. AI is now understanding text descriptions and drawing its own Art, including understanding instructions such as “Members of the Gift Club at The Big Handshake” or “An employee receiving recognition from their manager”.

In the Employee Rewards, Recognition and Loyalty space, what can these AI writing superpowers and AI in general bring to the table? Here are a few examples of human-centred AI being used in this space.

Workpatterns – employee feedback AI assistant

Workpatterns is a people management software platform. They recently added a powerful new feature for helping managers write better employee feedback. The manager needs to input a few brief descriptions of their employee’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and the GPT3 power AI produces a written paragraph of feedback which can be edited by the manager and then shared with the employee. AI is not doing the thinking, it is doing the writing and is giving managers a bit of a boost in helping their employees get adequate and frequent feedback. – AI-powered corporate and employee gifting

Giftpack AI is a hyper automated gifting platform with a lot of cross-platform workflows and integrations. According to their FAQ “Giftpack AI uses the keywords, community accounts, and other information to analyze and select the most suitable gift from more than 3 million products to your gift recipient, and we handle the cross-border logistics around the world for you.”

InspireMe.AI – (the authors company 😊)

So, what are we doing at InspireMe.AI? We believe in the power of AI to improve human communication. It is not all that easy to write great inspirational messages, especially in the rewards and recognition space where you may want to acknowledge individual and personal achievements, but have limited resources to think and write. In the loyalty space, it is definitely not easy to provide hyper-personalised messaging to your members at scale. powers an artificial intelligence-driven engagement messaging for your platform. Instead of your platform users trying to compose messages of gifting, thanks, reward or recognition, InspireMe’s AI engine, with a few simple inputs from the message sender, can compose well thought out, personalized messaging that drives engagement even further.

Integration to your platform can be through API, using form fields on your site, or a simple widget can be added to inspire the message composer. You can test the widget out HERE by pressing the “Inspire Me” button.

We know that AI+Human produces outstanding results and we’ve integrated the capability into our own eCards / Invitation and business greeting platform CreatEcards.

Product Innovation opportunities with Human-Centred AI

Companies are filling up their tech stack with AI services and tech roles with data-heads, enabling AI to quietly churn away and improve different aspects of business operations. At the same time, there are great opportunities to visibly improve your customers’ experience and affinity to your brand through AI-powered apps where the end user can experience the value-add first-hand. If you are curious about how to innovate your platform with AI-driven engagement messaging, we’d be happy to have a chat about the possibilities.

For more information on InspireMe.AI, please book a meeting with us or visit our website.