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Evolution of the template: How AI writing technology can take the tedium out of HR tasks

In 2021, natural language processing (NLP) artificial intelligence (AI) burst onto the digital marketing technology scene helping marketers and entrepreneurs spin up blog articles in seconds. Yes, AI can now take on the tedious task of writing long form articles for you. The challenge of content marketing was low hanging fruit for this type of AI writing technology. Many copywriting apps have found a place helping marketing teams of large and small companies write product descriptions, SEO meta descriptions, blog Ideas, titles and even full articles.

Survey Says Employees Prefer Gift Card Incentives

Incentive programs can be a valuable tool for organizations to reduce costly employee turnover, and the most successful programs ensure employee rewards are meaningful. To help organizations better understand how employees feel about workplace recognition, InComm InCentives conducted a 2022 survey of more than 1,200 full-time workers based in the United States. The report found a significant number of employees feel underappreciated, but a monetary-based incentive program may help reduce that trend and improve retention. 

My VIP Rewards expand their offering to help employers to support parents in the workplace

My VIP Rewards expand their offering to help [...]

The Must Have Rewards for a Remote Sales Workforce by Pat Dalton, Australia

The Must Have Rewards for a Remote [...]

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