Giving Magic to our Customers at Christmas

By James Malia, MD at Prezzee UK

2022 has been a spectacular year for Prezzee. We’ve grown to a global workforce of nearly 300 passionate team members and have seen strong YoY growth with hundreds of new customers jumping on board with Prezzee.

Throughout November and December this year, NYC’s Times Square will be lit up with our “Give Magic” Christmas campaign, and a fleet of London’s iconic black cabs are now sporting our signature red – to name a few of the exciting things that are to come.

All of this couldn’t have happened without an awesome product. One that we’ve likened to wizardry this Christmas with our campaign to ‘Give Magic’ – one of our core business values that we strive to deliver everyday.

The Prezzee platform allows you to create personalised, branded rewards in minutes.
Users simply choose which type of eGift they’d like to send, add their own branding and personalisation, then schedule for the date that best suits them.

In addition to our usual digital gift card catalogue – a great selection of Prezzee-powered swappable cards – we’ve introduced two Christmas specials that are designed to help UK employees with the cost of their chosen celebrations.

This Christmas, choose to support your employees

Traditionally, Christmas is an expensive time of year. Not only do decorations, presents and extra food add £££’s to the bills, but the additional travel, the party hosting, and the family-friendly entertainment all add up. Even the elf on the shelf is costing us money these days.

Now that it’s getting harder to stay afloat during the non-festive months, Christmas feels like a luxury that some may struggle to afford. And yet everyone is still trying their best.

Prezzee wants you to spread a little more cheer this festive season by sending an end-of-year gift that shows you care. After all, if having a good Christmas is important to your employees, it should be important to you to see that they do.

In support of giving a helping hand through these difficult times, we present to you the ‘Festive Feast’ eGift Card, The digital gift card that makes it possible to off-set the food-related cost of catering the big day and keeping family and friends fed throughout the holidays. You could also give a helping hand with the Prezzee ‘Everyday’ eGift Card, one simple digital gift that can be swapped for a selection of brands offering everyday essentials, including groceries, homewares, clothing, and toiletries.

With the Prezzee ‘Alternative Christmas Hamper’ eGift Card you can ditch the usual boring Christmas hamper and let your recipients choose something they really want (or need). With hundreds of favourite brands all on one easy-to-use eGift Card, there really is something for everyone.

You can order with Prezzee 24/7 and schedule for the date you pick. If you want to give your employees a reward that can honestly be appreciated, place your order without further delay.

Creating your own branded cards with Prezzee has never been easier.

Our unique new self-service branding feature saves you time and allows you to add your own bespoke branding to an eGift card powered by Prezzee at no extra cost.

Your gift recipients can then redeem their branded Prezzee card with a retailer of their choice, alongside a personalised text or video message from your organisation that celebrates moments that matter.

This new feature will empower you to unleash your creativity and make a standout gift that’s as unique as your business.

Snow time like the Prezzee…

Our other pretty special USP is that there’s no cut off point to order your rewards. Yes, with Prezzee you can order and send instantly at the time that best suits you – even if that is Christmas morning itself!

We don’t want to actually encourage you to leave it to the last minute though, which is why we have our scheduling functionality. This lets you order and pay for your rewards now, and then sit back and relax while they are automatically sent on the date you’ve chosen.

From all of us at Prezzee, we wish you a festive season full of giving (and receiving) magic!
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