National Radio Campaign Emphasizes Diversity of Gift Cards

HILVERSUM, 8 NOVEMBER 2021 – A gift card can really be anything! That is the message of a national campaign initiated by the Netherlands Gift Cards Branch Association (BVCNL). On radio and online, consumers are inspired by the versatility of gift cards. A gift card is a nice and suitable gift for everyone.

Gift cards and experience boxes are popular all year round. They are especially popular in December. This is due to the popularity of the cards as a Christmas or end-of-year gift, according to the annual GfK consumer monitor. Last year, 52% of consumers indicated that they would prefer to receive a gift or experience card as a gift at Christmas. 31% of consumers buy a gift card themselves as an end-of-year gift for someone else. Together with birthdays, the Christmas period is therefore the perfect opportunity to receive and give a gift card. It is estimated that around € 1.5 billion worth of gift cards is bought in the Netherlands every year.


Radio commercials are an important part of the campaign. Various gift cards from BVCNL members are reviewed in the commercials. By naming the scope of gift cards – for example from ‘a power drill to a bicycle’, or from ‘a night out to a nice evening at home’ – the diversity of gift cards is confirmed for consumers. For many people, this makes a gift card the ideal gift to give and to receive. The radio commercials will be broadcast from 8 to 21 November on NPO Radio 2, Sky Radio, Qmusic and 100% NL.


The campaign is also visible online. Animations in line with the message of the radio commercial will be shown on Facebook and Instagram from November 22 to 28. In addition, the participating gift cards will share animations through their own channels that, in the style of the campaign, focus on their own cards. They use the hashtags #watzouhetzijn (whatwoulditbe) and #giftcard. This enhances the visibility and message of the campaign.


The BVCNL campaign will provide additional exposure of gift cards to consumers. By the end of this year, this will make even more people happy with a ‘gift that can really be anything’.