UK- Workhuman are doubling its Irish workforce to 800

The Irish HR technology company which achieved unicorn status last year with a valuation of $1.2bn (€1bn), is planning to double its Irish workforce to 800 people by 2023.
It employs 700 people – 300 in the US and 400 in Dublin. Sales and marketing are in the US, while product development is based here.
CEO and co-founder Eric Mosley told the Sunday Independent: “Workhuman’s office space capacity is currently 400, though we have surpassed that while working from home during Covid.
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UK – UK based Actions Solutions has developed The Wellness Card.

To support businesses with a product that on one gift card, allows them to offer employees a range of wellness solutions. Founder of Action Solutions, Katrina Dunne has had a personal career in People Management/H.R over the last two decades has led her to develop The Wellness Card, to support businesses with a product that on one gift card, allows them to offer their employees a range of wellness solutions.
Combining her experience in HR alongside her husband’s experience (Brian Dunne) in gift cards, the market now has a developing product, that will offer a range of activities that support employee mental and physical wellbeing.

The card will include a range of wellness choices such as: complementary and alternative therapies, counselling support, wellness retreats, mindfulness sessions, access to special days out in the countryside, mental health support, Health & Spa days, and onsite and online fitness classes, which will be available U.K. wide.
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North America – Starbucks has launched an app in Microsoft Teams so that users in the US and Canada can send gift vouchers to their colleagues

Starbucks has launched an app in Microsoft Teams so that people can gift coffees, sandwiches, and muffins to their colleagues.
The app, now available in the US and Canada, lets users send a personalized Starbucks gift voucher in a Microsoft Teams chat.
To use the app, you need to download the Starbucks app on Microsoft Teams, create or sign into a Starbucks Rewards account, and click the Starbucks icon within a Teams chat or channel.
Vouchers range from $5 to $100.
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Asia – SINGAPORE – Giift, the only complete Rewards Management Platform, has announced the launch of Giift Engage

A unique marketing tool to drive customer engagement through rewards-based offers. Giift Engage lets companies push to their customers points-based promotions in the form of personalized digital customer experiences, games and more across multiple communication channels.
Companies will use Giift Engage for a wide range of client activities across acquisition, lead generation, portfolio usage, digital adoption and much more. Moreover, Giift Engage will be used internally as well, for instance to incentivize staff for activities and outcomes, productivity, project completion, collaboration, etc…
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Asia – China – A Study by a lecturer and a former scholar from IFTM investigates the relevance of loyalty programmes in building links with shopping tourists.

A recent research paper focused on loyalty programmes in shopping tourism suggests retailers should not simply offer loyalty memberships to shopping tourists, but also emphasise member privileges in retail promotions. The work – by IFTM lecturer Dr Veronica Lam Iok Keng and Dr Anthony Wong Ip Kin, from Sun Yat-sen University in mainland China,– stated this would help maximise the desired impact on consumer behaviour of loyalty programmes, including strengthening the relationship between customer and shop brand.
The authors pointed out that shopping tourists often seek purchases that represent value for their money. “Distinctive member benefits such as price discounts and special packaging can be more attractive to Chinese tourist shoppers due to their large purchase volume abroad as the result of their gift-giving culture,” they wrote.
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Asia – New Tech lets Stores be paid by Facial Recognition

Preciate, A Holon-based start-up looking to make the entire shopping process as simple as taking a selfie. The company’s Pay by Face kiosk system is already in use in several restaurants at the Azrieli Business Center in Holon, and is set to begin rolling out in several well-known Israeli chains in the coming weeks.

So far, the system is installed at four restaurants at the Holon Azrieli Business Center, where Preciate’s offices happen to be located. In the first three months of operation, some 750 customers have registered for the system, and about 70-80 use it every day” – said CEO and co-founder Eyal Fisher.
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North America – Meemo, the social financial application, have announced the launch of a digital gift card website for consumers and companies alike.

During a difficult year where we need to shop safely and give remotely, this website will encourage people to share with their friends, family and colleagues in a literal out-of-the-box and seamless way. With many corporations cancelling their holiday parties, they are turning to personalized gift experiences to convey the same notes of gratitude to their employees. Using the new functionality, users can simply purchase a meemo for the brand or experience they want to gift this holiday season and send it to their friends via text, e-mail, WhatsApp or even Snapchat message. The program works in the same way for corporations who are looking to treat their employees while they are remote.
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Asia – Hong Kong – Pregnancy Tracker Launches Blockchain Loyalty Program to Critical Acclaim

Pregnancy Tracker, a service for pregnant women, has announced the preliminary results of its ongoing blockchain loyalty program designed to unify its ecosystem and spur more engagements. The company sought to improve and reward participation by developing a scalable networking system for users, advertisers, and partner corporations. Also, it looks to transform the ecosystem from a hub for pregnant women to the ideal platform for every modern family.
This program initiated a series of value-adding services and solutions, including a labor market for pregnant women that would offer users the opportunity to earn real money rather than points or discounts. Also, the advertising models utilized in the ecosystem evolved to great effects. Thanks to an end-to-end system, global brands can now interact effortlessly with their audience and become part of a thriving ecosystem where consumers can create content and give honest reviews.
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North America – cxLoyalty Group Holdings, Inc. have announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Global Loyalty division (“cxLoyalty”) to JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) (“JPMC”)

The deal includes cxLoyalty’s leading technology platforms, full service travel agency, gift card, merchandise, and points bank businesses. cxLoyalty will operate as a business unit within JPMC. The transaction excludes cxLoyalty Group Holdings’ Global Customer Engagement division and other ongoing businesses (collectively “the Global Customer Engagement Division”).
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Asia – India – Rise of Contactless Dining anticipating food service industry says Brandessence Market Research

Rising cases of COVID-19 worldwide, increasing adoption of contactless dining by restaurants/hotels, advanced technology of contactless payments and increasing government initiatives for Contactless dining are driving the market growth. Contactless Dining Market: Global Size, Trends, Competitive, Historical & Forecast Analysis, 2021-2027.
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North America – CITGO and P97 Enter New Cloud Mobile Pay Relationship

Purchasing fuel, food and merchandise from a mobile device, receiving customized offers, and rolling back prices at the pump will soon be a reality at more than 4,500 CITGO branded retail locations in the United States. The enhanced CITGO mobile app is powered by P97 Networks, a leader in cloud-based mobile commerce. The app will integrate and support Connected Car and the CITGO shopper loyalty program with state-of-the-art mobile commerce technology.
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Asia – Maldives welcomes first tourist of 2021

The Maldives Border Miles loyalty program enables registered visitors to earn points by travelling to Maldives from January 1, 2021 onwards. Following registration, points are allocated to tourists under a criteria which includes the duration of their stay, frequency of travel, visits to celebrate special occasions and visits on Maldivian celebrations. These points subsequently entitle tourists to benefits and rewards with each border crossing
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US – 89 percent of employees say participation in wellness programs has improved overall happiness and well-being

Employers that establish a defined workplace culture of wellness can achieve widespread positive impact on the health and productivity of their employees while increasing engagement in company mission and goals, according to a study released today by Humana Inc. (NYSE:HUM) and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).
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