Why Seasonal Marketing Is Still Very Much Alive

As marketeers we are often planning for Easter in Winter, and Christmas in Spring – it can be easy to lose enthusiasm for your product design but done well Seasonal product and packaging design can inject life into your product line and most importantly purchases into your sales funnel.

Consumers are primed for brand engagement

In the lead up to each festive season the notion of planning, creativity and celebration places us in an impressionable state of mind, and to the commercial world that presents a fresh opportunity to connect with our customers and win their attention.

Consumers are likely to be more perceptive and attentive to your efforts during the holidays as they are typically looking for something outside of the norm. Seasonal design in your gift cards and incentives is an opportunity to get creative and attract customers with eye-catching motifs and bold colours, or luxury finishes and alluring textures.

Giving products a seasonal or occasion theme, will not only give your brand the opportunity to play with new design, but will also make your incentives solutions more appealing for such occasions, giving them meaning and intention that passes from brand, to purchaser, to receiver.

Maximise product success

The seasons are also a great way to A/B test your designs to gain valuable insights into the decision-making process of your target audiences, while invigorating new attention from loyal and prospective customers. Targeted designs such as these are the perfect opportunity for measuring demand for your product, or consumer preferences, tapping into opportunities to increase sales by carrying successful results through to your wider product range. It can also allow you to measure and harness sales increases during a set period creating a rare and valuable opportunity for tangible measurement of ROI.

Seasonal design for your gift card solutions and beyond need not be cliché, boring or outdated, use the opportunity to test new ideas, inject colour and entice new customers your way. Done right, seasonal packaging can be a great way to win your customers attention and increase your product appeal.

Inspire and be Inspired

You needn’t look far to see what works and what doesn’t. Run some market research on your competitors, not only on gift card design but also on in-store and online placement. Increasingly physical gift cards are being made available to online markets – look around to explore how your gift card design can influence sales in these markets through social media exposure and website placement. Make a show of your gift card offerings through well placed photographs, and customer reviews to entice purchases just as you would with physical product promotion.

If you’re still not sure where to start, the Burgopak Youtube channel is packed with inspirational packaging designs for gift card solutions and beyond.

If you’d like to know more about seasonal packaging design for your gift cards and incentives get in touch with Burgopak innovators in packaging design info@burgopak.com