Could upskilling your managers lead to the growth you’ve been dreaming of?

By Lucy Allen of Trifecta

You’ve had an idea. Build a product or service and it’s working! Your company is flying and you need more people to help and support the realisation of where you dream the company could go. The growth and scalability of your business depends on getting the right people to facilitate the strategy, but all too often finding those people can be a long and bumpy road.

With a market flooded with candidates and an average of 20-50 applicants per role, the time needed to select appropriate candidates, conduct interviews, manage the offer process and conduct effective onboarding is huge and that’s if the process flows successfully. You may also think with so many candidates in the market, costs are reduced due to the reduction in need for external recruitment companies? Wrong! The internal hidden costs grow exponentially, the risk of a bad recruit is higher and the pressure on managers to get it right is greater.

In the wake of the “The great resignation” what is your organisation doing to combat the potential of getting it wrong? The perception seems to be, if you are good at your job, you should be able to recruit your replacement or competently build a team? The fact of the matter is most people don’t know where to start and in light of studies showing 39% of employers admit the interview and assessment skills of their staff should be improved, why isn’t internal recruitment training more commonplace?

Hopefully this is about to change and no longer overlooked. My research has shown upskilling existing employees and building critical skills and competencies to be high on the HR priority list for 2022. Although the priority covers many areas of development, refocusing managers on how they facilitate growth by using a more tailored and refined recruitment process can have a significant impact on the business as a whole and a positive influence on brand, culture and the reduction of internal and external costs by building a more successful and cohesive team.

“Outcomes are correlated to how good you are at hiring. Your number one job is to recruit good people”. Steve Bartlett, Dragons Den. I’ve mentioned this in a post before, but it really resonated with me. He’s right! Hiring the right people can change everything about a business, take it from a man who built a £300M turnover company by the time he was 28 years old.

You might say, “that’s why we use an external recruiter”, from an analysis of internal HR Teams, 59% of businesses do and I’m not suggesting you don’t. What I am suggesting is reducing your reliance on these external agencies by improving the skills internally, but also including training on how to work more effectively with this external resource to ensure maximum success and ROI, after all, it’s expensive.

Let me hone and improve your skills. Show you the tips and tricks of a professional recruiter and share with you the wisdom gained from years of studying psychology, for less than the cost of a single recruit you could upskill your employees in an area guaranteed to provide sustainable growth!

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