Challenging the way businesses incorporate gifts for customers and employee​

Customers have perhaps never been more ready for a true gift- one that is delivered with good intentions and without expectations or strings. For years, marketing schemes enticed customers to hand over information like credit card numbers, addresses, and emails in exchange for what they thought was a good deal. Instead, they found a bill waiting for them later, or that their information had been sold to monetize their “gift.” The good news? eMags Rewards and its parent company, eMagazines, are disrupting these cycles and challenging the ways businesses incorporate gifts for customers and employees.

eMags Rewards uses eMagazines’ innovative digital reader technology and established publisher relationships to bring you a chance to earn the loyalty of your customers through consistent, positive engagement specifically designed for phones and tablets. And thanks to eMags Rewards, that is the gift you can now give your customers.

Two of the most historic news organizations- TIME and the New York Times– reported for the first time their digital products outpaced their print counterparts in either revenue or subscriptions. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic deconstructed old entertainment and consumer habits and established new behavior, eMagazines, spent years perfecting digital material that is more vibrant, accessible and frictionless than ever before. That success initiated the creation of eMags Rewards, born out of popular demand for the content pioneered by its parent company.

When they turn the first page on their smartphone or mobile device, they’re rewarded with beautiful, arresting content not squeezed from a print PDF onto a tiny screen, but manufactured and designed for its medium like no other platform out there. With each new edition, their personal and custom library will be updated and easily available to share and download.

The road to lasting relationships often begins with a gift: we suggest a year-long digital subscription to a magazine they love- with no catch! Picture it- your customer opens up your email, sees a message from you, and a gift with absolutely no payment due and no strings attached. It’s basically a birthday gift wrapped up in your branding. And who doesn’t love birthday gifts- especially the ones that keep on giving?

Loyalty starts with trust. And trust is earned through consistent, positive engagement. Stop discounting. Stop the tricks. Start the conversation with your customers. And begin by offering what is so rare these days: a thoughtful gift made sweeter by good intentions.

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