Stop sending useless and polluting incentives!

There are 1000 reasons companies gift and incentivise employees, relations and customers.

Finding the right balance between the needs of the receiver and the impact you want to make as a company is difficult. Often resulting in a dissatisfying experience and unnecessary pollution and waste. Most of the time, companies don’t really know the one they’re rewarding, so they end up giving generic, unthoughtful incentives that don’t engage at all.

“At Giffy we want you to stop giving useless incentives and embrace digital personalized gifts that fit the recipient. We understood early on, that although a digital gift card offers choice, it is often considered boring, generic and not very fun to send out.”, says Olivier Chevalier, CEO of Giffy.

And so Giffy came up with a modern gift experience that is Personal, Digital and Durable. You can delight employees and customers with engaging, personalized digital incentives, sent real time from your Giffy dashboard. In a few clicks you can create your branded Giffy card, curate your redeemstore and add a personal message.

“The Giffy card allows the recipient to choose whatever has been made available in their specific redeemstore. So there has been thought put into making it a gift that fits the recipient.”

When a Gift becomes a wallet
A gift is often single use. The Giffy card is a reloadable product, which means that you can add value to the digital Giffy card whenever you want to reward or incentivize that person.

This allows brands to start a more solid and long term relationship with their customers or employees.

Did you know?
– Giffy supports the Plastic Soup Foundation with every gift card sold.
– Giffy is available in 7 countries: NL, BE, DE, UK, FR, ES, IT.
– Giffy is integrating with platforms such as Salesforce
– Giffy has it’s own consumer market solution;
– Giffy is FREE

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