Celebrating a new Industry Partnership: Healthy Minds Club partners with O.C. Tanner, to offer the UK’s 1st Positive Mental Health Gift Card, thanks to The Gift Club

Healthy Minds Club today announced a new partnership with O.C. Tanner. This partnership will put wellbeing & positive mental health at the top of the agenda for O.C. Tanner and it’s customers in order to pioneer the industry with a focus on a prevention of mental health issues via a personalised employee approach.

Robert Ordever, Manager Director of O.C. Tanner Europe says “We know that well being is one of six factors influencing talent in an organisation and that many of our customers need further support. Adding the Healthy Minds Club gift cards allows us to offer something unique to enable a preventive and personalised approach to prioritise and promote optimum wellbeing in the workplace.”

Kathy Heath, CEO and Co Founder of Healthy Minds Club says “We are delighted to be working with O.C. Tanner, Robert and his team to promote the critical message and benefits of building preventative strategies and a personalised approach for employees to drive optimum performance in the workplace.”

This partnership came to fruition as a result of The Gift Club’s introductory service which brings companies together to meet and do business within the gift card, incentives, reward and loyalty industries

About Healthy Minds Club:

Healthy Minds Club is the UK’s first positive mental health gift card. We support corporations to prevent mental health issues by empowering positive mental health. We connect our gift card holders with certified & qualified experts who will enable them to build a personalised resilience toolkit.

About O.C.Tanner:

O.C. Tanner improves workplace cultures through personalised employee recognition solutions, so people feel appreciated, do their best work, and come to stay and thrive at work. With 14 million users in 180+ countries, OC Tanner is passionate about making a difference for the benefit of its customers and employees.

To find out how to benefit from The Gift Club’s ‘match-making’ services, please contact info@the-gift-club.com