Employee Engagement Trends Expected to Be Big This Year

By Blackhawk Network

With the ‘Great Resignation’ sweeping the country people are giving up their jobs in droves in search for a better life. As such we are in a position where staff engagement must be at the forefront of our minds for 2022 and beyond.

An engaged member of staff is one that is enthusiastic and positive about their work and the company they work for. That enthusiasm feeds productivity, advocacy for the company and a motivation to achieve; all of which have a visible impact on the bottom line.

With that in mind, here’s an insight into the employee engagement trends to consider in 2022 to keep your company’s talent, culture and successes afloat.

A greater emphasis on employee health

The pandemic shined a light on the impact ill health can have on a company. More than ever staff need to feel that you care about their health and this attitude is not going to shift any time soon.

It isn’t just physical health you need to be taking care of. With 70 million work days being lost every year due to mental health, you need to be part of the solution to helping those who suffer from mental illness too. Looking after your staff shows them that they are valued. Valued employees in turn become more engaged.

Flexible working

Flexible working encompasses two factors: remote working and working hours.

With the advancement of technology, employees are now expected to work on a global scale. It is only then reasonable to allow them to take advantage of these technological improvements by letting them work remotely.

Working from home provides a more harmonious work/life balance thus having a positive impact on a person’s mental wellbeing.

The same can be said for flexible working hours. In fact, a firm in New Zealand shortened the working week from 5 days to 4 and revealed that:

  • stress levels decreased by 7%, 
  • work/life balance was perceived to improve by 24%
  • staff engagement increased by 20%

By helping your employees gain some control back in their life, your business can benefit tremendously.

Upskilling and Training

The ‘Great Resignation’ has shown us that staff are in search of better jobs. Your employees should not need to feel compelled to leave their current role in order to scratch this itch.

Jobs should be made more appealing, and increasing training helps to meet this need.

People tend to have an innate desire to learn and fulfilling desires will inevitably lead to a higher employee engagement.

Training staff also has the additional benefit of providing your staff the skills they can utilise in the workplace making them more valuable. Plus training your staff will give you a larger pool of talent to choose from when looking to fill new roles.

Promoting from within a business has huge benefits compared to taking on a brand new employee. The recruiting process is more streamlined, there’s less risk as you already know the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and it’s more cost-efficient. The prospect of promotion also drives engagement higher. It’s a win-win situation.

More personalised experiences

People do not like to feel like they are a cog in a machine. Having a more personalised experience within the workplace provides your employees the opportunity to be understood and gives you the chance to help make appropriate positive changes within the business. A personalised approach has also been found to reduce time wasted and improve relationships between employee and employer.

Team members are also a wonderful source of encouragement and accountability. Forming smaller teams between 7 and 10 members can have a greater impact on staff engagement. Churning out work to a large corporate machine can be unmotivating but placing your staff in smaller teams will enable them to really feel like they’re making a difference.

Regular staff rewards

Rewarding your staff also provides you the opportunity to demonstrate how much you value them.

Employee recognition automatically increases job satisfaction and engagement and so productivity increases alongside the quality of work.

Remember, rewards do not necessarily have to be monetary, offering gift vouchers, experiences and intrinsic rewards have a number of benefits that boost staff engagement more than their money equivalent.

At the end of the day, you have an obligation to your employees. They are after all your greatest asset. By meeting their needs, employee engagement will naturally increase, reducing recruitment costs, improving productivity and ultimately, your profit.

If you’d like support to improve your employee engagement levels, get in touch with Blackhawk Network here.