The Gift Club launches a New Competition for Start-up Entrepreneurs

The Gift Club launches a New Competition

for Start-up Entrepreneurs

At The Gift Club, we are always trying new ways to engage our start up and entrepreneurial audience. Supporting this demographic comes from our heart as our CEO, Hadie, is herself, a startup Founder.

Hadie’s start up journey has been overwhelming, exciting, inspiring and full of fear! Because like many, things weren’t given to her on a plate and most milestones could only be reached through resilience, grit, education and sheer luck. Cash was irrelevant, albeit required!

To recognise the courage of many entrepreneurial individuals in this industry and to support their young growth, we’d like to help micro start ups with their brand awareness and visibility. Judged by our 6 entrepreneur judges (see below) , we are offering one lucky competition winner a a full year’s Gold membership with The Gift Club.

One critical area that was missing from Hadie’s business in the early days was building an engaged audience via regular marketing on social media and email campaigns. She didn’t have the time or the budget to spend on it, so it was forgotten about.

“When I started my own business in 2015, panic and fear took over excitement. A bit like when you hold your newborn for the first time! I invested 4K in a laptop, a desk with a white board, printer and a good chair. I was also rather ignorant and did things the wrong way round. Without any sales I then bought a CRM off LinkedIn and spent money on cardboard presentation folders, pens and office signage (although I worked from my spare room!). I finally got on the phone and blasted out sales calls and inmails, paying for more inmail credits like there was no tomorrow!

I wanted some money for a website, a logo and an accountant but needed some money in the bank

I then realised that regular marketing was crucial as hammering the phone daily and sending a gazillion messages wasn’t going to cut it, but I knew nothing about it and certainly didn’t have any money to spend on it. In fact within 3 months, I worried so much about my outgoings, spending and lack of success that my husband wondered why his lovely wife had been replaced by this neurotic, crazy human being and wished I hadn’t bothered!”

If only there was a platform like The Gift Club when she launched her recruitment business 7 years ago, Hadie would have had a huge part of her marketing sorted, that’s for sure.

Aptly named, “As Good As Gold” this is the criteria for entries to the competition:

️☑ Your business needs to sell products or services within gift cards, incentives, loyalty or rewards

️☑ Your business should have started trading between 2020 and 2022

️☑ You have no more than 3 employees (plus yourself)

️☑ You have a compelling ‘Why’ that speaks volumes about your passions and the problem you want to solve. This is what you will be judged on!

Closing date for entries is April 29th and runners up and the winner will be announced in May.

Please complete this simple form to enter

Our fabulous panel of entrepreneurial judges shall decide who deserves to be our debut “As Good As Gold” winner for 2022.

James Malia
MD at Prezzee UK

Caroline Watson
CEO, Voucherline

Kathy Heath
CEO, Healthy Minds Club

Thish De Zoysa
CEO, Their Perfect Gift

Maddy Alexander-Grout
CEO, My VIP Rewards