It’s official …. Emotions are the Number one Driver for Retail Loyalty, According to a Recent Study

By Loyalty Science Lab

Yuping Liu-Thompkins, Professor of Marketing and Founder & Director of Loyalty Science Lab shares her newest publication in the Journal of Retailing and we are proud to share it with our audience too.

In the paper, Yuping and her fellow authors Leila Khoshghadam, Saeed Zal, and Arjang Attar Shoushtari, investigated what aspects of the retail experience have the most impact on customer loyalty to a retailer and how the impact of those drivers has evolved over time.

Through a meta-analysis of retailer loyalty research over the last 50 years, they found that affective (feeling-related) drivers had the biggest impact, followed by social drivers and lastly by cognitive (thinking-related) drivers.

The importance of these drivers was diverse across different retail contexts and evolved significantly over time.

Download the PDF here.