The Gift Card – A Universal Gift for Employees, from a Polish View

The Gift Card is a universal gift for Polish employees.

84% of Poles think that gift cards are a good idea for a gift. The custom of giving gifts is deeply rooted not only among loved ones, but also in company structures. Unfortunately, the majority of employers and HR departments find it complicated to personalise gifts. They look for universal solutions that will also meet the expectations of employees. These certainly include the increasingly popular gift cards. According to a survey conducted by the IQS Institute for Opinion Research, as many as 84% of Poles believe that a gift card can be very attractive.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic also determines relations between employers and employees. The annual company Christmas meetings, which are a benefit in themselves, were held sporadically and in a reduced form. A large part of them moved online. It was also an obstacle in giving gifts, the optimal selection of which has already caused many problems. In the conducted survey 61% of the respondents declared that choosing a “souvenir” is troublesome and stressful. As many as 70% of the respondents claimed that they have received a completely wrong gift.

The Gift Card is a universal gift for Polish employees.

Gift Cards for Corporate Gifts

The solution to such dilemmas are the increasingly popular gift cards, which allow the employee to choose an item from a particular brand’s range. However, the possibility of choosing among the assortment of only one shop is at the same time its disadvantage, which is indicated by 44% of surveyed Poles.

The answer is the newly established service offering cards from various shops in one place, as well as its MULTIKARTA 7 wishes, i.e. a universal gift card exchangeable to any branded gift card available on the website. We realised that choosing gifts for numerous and diverse corporate teams is often a challenge for HR departments. Now, it’s even more difficult to give them, due to the widespread remote working model. The unquestionable advantage of gift cards is that they can also be purchased and transferred electronically, in the form of a code, for example via email, says Grzegorz Mucha, Managing Director of Digital Reload Polska.

Among people who have problems with choosing gifts, as many as 92% said that a universal gift card that can be used in various shops would be a solution to make the process easier, and 84% of Poles believe that it would be an attractive gift.

About the survey

Data presented in the article come from the opinion poll conducted by IQS Institute using the CAWI method on a representative group of Poles aged 18-55 (n-800) between 9 and 10 December 2020, commissioned by Digital Reload Poland.

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