Tinggly Survey Reveals Seismic Shift in Consumer Gift-Giving Trends as 90% Report Gifted Experiences Make Better Presents Than Products

Tinggly, the global experience gifting company, announced today findings from a consumer survey they recently conducted that reveals, post-Covid, respondents value experiences and group activities as presents far more than they do material gifts. Some 90% of over one thousand polled Americans revealed giving a gift of an experience, such as a getaway weekend, cooking class, sports or concert event, or adrenaline junkie activity like bungee jumping, was more appealing than the typical wrapped consumer item.

“Our survey findings reflect a growing global consumer sentiment that making memories and sharing in new experiences are more valuable than collecting items,” said Miglė Rakauskaitė, Head of Growth at Tinggly. “The Covid pandemic has made us look at the world differently, and now being outside the home, getting out of our comfort zones, learning something new, and participating in life are the things we value.”

Why such a pronounced shift in how we give? When asked, 33% said gift experiences make their life more fulfilling. 20% reported experiences are popular because they help us feed exciting content to our social media threads. 18% explained they are looking to simplify and declutter their lives of physical items.

Other key survey findings indicate:

  • 80% say a cooking class in Rome just might improve their love life!
  • 45% are ready to try something out of their comfort zone.
  • 59% say they would go skydiving if the experience was gifted to them with 30% citing they would never otherwise do this on their own
  • 80% say they have people in their lives that are hard to buy a gift for – and an experience gift would be a good choice for them
  • 66% said they would enjoy receiving a gift experience as thanks for a job well done rather than a gift card, cash reward, or a watch.

When it comes to types of experiences, enjoying a getaway or doing something romantic were the most popular choices according to over half of those surveyed. Learning a new skill or taking a class was the favorite gift experience for 20%, while only about 11% felt a thrill-seeking adventure like white river rafting or race car driving was right for them.

“People realize that memories shared with others are priceless and last much longer than material goods,” said Rakauskaite. “At Tinggly, we’ve curated the highest quality, best-reviewed experiences to match any gift-giving need, recipient, and global location. Why not try giving someone you love an experience of a lifetime next holiday or birthday you celebrate?”

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About Tinggly:

Tinggly is a global and sustainable experience gifting company that seeks to change the culture of gifting and help people make more meaningful gifts. The company’s mission is to promote happiness through the gifting of inspiring experiences, whilst reducing meaningless material presents. Tinggly is the first and only global experience gifting company in the world in which the buyer, the gift recipient and the experience chosen can all be in different countries.