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GCVA Global Conference 2023… as gift cards go way beyond just gifting!

The highlight of the gift card industry calendar March 1 & 2, ’23. We are delighted to partner with the Gift Card & Voucher Association for the GCVA Global Conference ’23! THE GIFT CARD FLAGSHIP industry event of the year is back. Get ready to be immersed in the gift card eco-system, with inspirational speakers, hot topics, a buzzing exhibitor hall, the best networking opportunities, an opening night party and much more…

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Hiring Tech Talent In 2023 – What To Expect?

We are now only a matter of weeks before the end of the year! Madness! Turning our attention to 2023, we are set to see a rise in the number of tech vacancies across the country and most likely across the globe. So, with this in mind Fidaris has put together some things to expect when hiring next year, and how you may be able to put yourself in a stronger position to attract or even retain talent.

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Who is interested in a Joyalty* Program?

*Joyalty A word I found in the book Brand Currency by Steve Susi. I loved it so much (for obvious reasons), I have borrowed it and redefined it to bring new meaning to loyalty programs and to inspire program managers to add a Joyalty* Program to their Loyalty Program! (For those brands who choose not to have a loyalty program, perhaps consider a Joyalty* Program instead).

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Tinggly Survey Reveals Inflation & Supply Chain Issues to Impact Gift Giving

65% Say Continuing “Flightmare” Scenarios Have them Altering Holiday Travel Plans 71% Say Inflation Necessitates Them Only Shopping Black Friday or Other Sales 69% Plan to Give Experiential Gifts and Gift Cards over Traditional Presents

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Blackhawk Network Australia: Holiday Gifting Report 2022

Want to know what today’s holiday shopper is thinking? Blackhawk Network’s new research, 2022 Australia Holiday Gifting Report, is filled with info and insights from our up-to-the-season research that will help your gift card program grow.

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This festive season is the perfect time to reward your employees with a gift of choice

The festive season is here! Event planning has started, business gifts are being ordered and discussions around employee Christmas rewards have begun. Some of those discussions will soon be about a Christmas bonus that could be dependent on performance or business revenue. Although a bonus is a great way to show appreciation towards employees, it’s also taxable so they won’t receive the full benefits. Especially, when the cost of physical gifts is soaring a virtual card is the perfect cost-effective option.

Introducing the new podcast series hosted by our founder, Hadie

An off the cuff, honest and raw chat with courageous people who founded successful businesses within the gift card, benefits and loyalty industry hosted and produced by our own CEO, Hadie. Our very first guest is Alex Preece, CEO and Co-Founder of Tillo. "Super smart people can fail" "Validation is incredibly important" "Failures help just as much as the wins"

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Gifting That Gives Back

Exchanging gifts at its core is a wonderful thing but like everything it’s nuanced. It’s wrapped up in fear of your giftee not liking the present, decision fatigue, and waste. Finding the intersection between giving them something personal that they’ll love, navigating the time to buy a gift, ensuring that it contributes to the destruction of our planet AND that looks after your hip pocket is a lot to ask for. However, we know there are solutions out there that the gift card world is pioneering to solve the all-consuming conundrum of gift buying at Christmas and all year round. We, The Card Network (TCN) are leading the charge in this space.

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Want an increase in your sales revenue? Appreciate the difference between your customers’ conscious and nonconscious needs and gift them accordingly

As a chartered psychologist my team and I spend much of our time advising organisations and companies on the psychological reality of their ideas, plans, strategy and values. We help our clients look at things through the workings of the human brain, its emotionally dominant decision-making system and its subservience to unconscious influence (such as bias, ego, and value need fulfilment). Gifting is one area that we have become increasingly involved with. 

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Loyalty for all…announcing the exciting new launch of Prosper Loyalty

We are experiencing an unprecedented time of change. Economic pressures and intentional crisis across Europe have all contributed to tough times for many businesses and consumers in the UK. As a result of having less, customers are more likely to shop around, more likely switch their spend to competitors and can ultimately no longer afford to be as loyal as they once were. Competition continues to intensify as a result, at the worst time for many businesses. Giving people a reason to choose you and making them feel engaged and rewarded for doing so, has never been more important.

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